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All Art Prints are printed on high quality 315gsm archival paper

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A3 = 11.7 x 16.5 inches (click A3 below to see which paintings are available in this size, not all are able to be blown up that large).

So Olwen Came - Art Print

So Olwen Came - Art Print

from 20.00

So Olwen Came

Printed on 315gsm archival paper

Inspired from the fairytale 'The Wooing Of Olwen' paragraph below:

'So Olwen came, clothed in a robe of flame-coloured silk, and with a collar of ruddy gold, in which were emeralds and rubies, about her neck. More golden was her hair than the flower of the broom, and her skin was whiter than the foam of the wave, and fairer were her hands and her fingers than the blossoms of the wood anemone amidst the spray of the meadow fountain. Brighter were her glances than those of a falcon; her bosom was more snowy than the breast of the white swan, her cheek redder than the reddest roses. Whoso beheld was filled with her love. Four white trefoils sprang up wherever she trod, and therefore was she called Olwen.'

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