My Favourite Email Marketing Platform - Flodesk!

My Favourite Email Marketing Platform - Flodesk!

When I first started to build my email list many years ago, I used Mailchimp. I then left it behind when I built my website on Shopify just over 2 years ago and chose to use Omnisend (since it linked with Shopify so well). I didn't like Mailchimp back when I left as its editing was very ugly (although it looks SO much better now) and had limits on how many subscribers one could have (which is of course, reasonable, they have to run a business!)

Both of these options were free while I was using them, however, a year ago I got wind of a new email system this time last year which is still in beta called Flodesk. It looks absolutely stunning and is designed for creatives in mind. It's almost impossible to make an unattractive email! I also love how they have handwriting font options too, it feels more friendly somehow. It is also incredibly intuitive to use and pared down to be super simple.

They also have a free trial option for all their features! Hurrah! 

Here are some examples of their templates, so clean and beautiful: 

Another great thing is that they have a flat fee that you pay and you can send as many emails to as many people as you wish within that. You don't have to pay more with more subscribers. 
There is also a section where you can upload your brand colours and logo which is accessible in any of the emails you build: 
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If you use that link then I get $19 which goes towards any future subscription payments for my own newsletter. Everyone on Flodesk gets to share their own affiliate link. 
Of course they also have the means to create signup forms that you can put on your website as popups or inline forms etc and also to insert in other places (like facebook and they even have an integration with Instagram). They also have workflows too for those of you who like to use them. 
Their customer service is second to none and any time I've had any questions I have had a response really quickly. They are of course still in beta and there are things that it can't do, but for me it is perfect for what I need and they are always releasing new features. You can also use Zapier to connect it to other apps. 
This blog post is using affiliate links so I do benefit if you choose to use my link! Thank you so much if you do decide to do so!