The Witch's Deluxe Book Bundle

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A bundle of goodies to go with your Cauldron book! Ideal for witches and spellcasters out there...

SAVE £18!!

You will receive:

1 copy of Cauldron ( self published 2018 via Kickstarter). A magical book filled with witches and their familiars. Dimensions are 245 x 172 mm, with 72 pages, matt laminated and filled with full-colour illustrations, sketches and short stories. Silver foil embossing on the cover.

3 A5 Prints ( 1 is FREE!) - Randomly chosen by me but all images will be ones you find in the book. (Prints in photo are just as an example)

3 Fridge magnets (1 is FREE!) - Englebert, a Peeping Hulabaloo and Bartholemew.