What Is Patreon?

What is it? How does it work?

Patreon is a platform which allows me to make my working process and behind the scenes into a subscription of sorts. So for $2 a month you can see behind the scenes of all the things that never make it to the rest of social media and also early access to originals and also patreon exclusives. 


Why is it in dollars if you are in the UK?

Currently Patreon only allows USD as currency so this is why. Also for EU citizens VAT is added onto their pledge because it is an American company. 


What do I post there?

Most of the time my posts are just works in progress, but I also engage my patrons in decision making, names of creatures, ideas for paintings and more. In future I will be adding more tutorial type content. I don’t tend to share personal information here, it is purely all about my art and all that connects to it! I also like to share other artists who inspire me and old masters too.


How often do I post?

On average a post a day but I try to limit myself to a maximum of 3 posts a day but occasionally I might exceed it, but rarely! The least amount of posting will be 3 times a week. If I’m in a very productive phase then you can expect the 3 a day, and if you don’t want to be notified every time I make a post then you can turn them off in your email settings


Physical Rewards in the Post

For those new to Patreon you will see that I offer physical rewards on the $10 tier and upwards. 

$10 Spriggle Tier will give you an A6 print on the FIRST month of that reward tier.

$30 Brownie Tier gives you the two prints, A6 & A5 prints on the FIRST month you pledge, then EVERY MONTH you will get an original mini painting at this tier. There are also higher commission tiers, see my Patreon for all the others


What is Charge Up Front?

This means that when someone decides to pledge to one of my tiers, their card gets charged immediately. Then regardless of the day that the person joins, the pledge will be collected at the start of each  month from then on. If you increase your pledge the difference will be charged immediately and if you reduce it there is no refund on the difference for that month. 


If you have any more questions please do contact me using the email me button in the menu bar!