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Seas Of Strangehollow

My third Strangehollow book has been fully funded on Kickstarter! Thanks to all those amazing backers I now have a new book on the way. You can still pre-order in the shop here so don't worry if you missed it. Fulfilment should be between October-December 2022.


Do you love what I do? Joining my membership is a great way to support me as an artist and enable me to keep making new creatures and worlds.

Mysterious Corner members get access to exclusives I don't share anywhere else. You can even get involved in the creative process, suggest creature names and LOADS more.

Access starts at £2($3) per month.

Discounts (20% off everything in my shop, excluding originals) and there is also a watercolour commission tier!

Mysterious Corner works just like Patreon, the only difference being that I built it and there isn't a middle man anymore!

About Me

I'm Emily, an independent artist based in the UK.I grew up in a haunted house on top of a hill, near to an ancient neolithic barrow called 'The Fairy's Toote' which has a history of strange happenings. It is perhaps no surprise then, that I ended up completely enamoured with all things folklore!

I work predominantly in watercolours (my absolute favourite medium), but I have experience in oils, pastels, acrylics and digital too. 

My work is whimsical with themes of folklore & fairytales. I have also created my own world called 'Strangehollow' which is the name of a vast enchanted forest populated with unusual creatures and humans. I have published two books based in Strangehollow, the third has been funded and is in the process of being finished! 

My other loves include growing fruits and veggies, cooking, designing and sewing my own clothes.