Kickstarter Launch on 5th March!


Surviving Strangehollow is a 350-page 5E supplement with substantial new player character options and dozens of new creatures and other dangers for DMs to add to their existing campaigns. 

We have now got some of the biggest names in the industry writing and designing for us and there are going to be brand new subclasses.

There will be a few new creatures added to the world too. You can sign up to be notified when it all goes live by clicking the button below!

Will you survive Strangehollow?

Howl - Art Print
Howl - Art Print
From $22.00
Dusk At The Wizard's Keep - Art Print
Water Spirit - Art Print
Unburnt - Art Print
Unburnt - Art Print
From $22.00
Temple Guardian - Art Print
The Singing Pools - Art Print
Selkies - Art Print
Selkies - Art Print
From $22.00
Leviathan - Art Print
Leviathan - Art Print
From $22.00



I'm so excited to share my first collection of sculptures with you, I have had the most amazing time making them and I hope that they will find happy homes!


Do you love what I do? Joining my membership is a great way to support me as an artist and enable me to keep making new creatures and worlds.

You'll join me in my little studio and I'll share exclusives that I don't share anywhere else. You also get first chance to buy originals before they go public! You can even get involved in the creative process, suggest creature names and LOADS more.

FULL Access starts at £2($2.50) per month. (Cancel at any time).

Discounts (10% off everything in my shop, excluding originals) and there is even a watercolour commission tier...

Deluxe Monster Book Bundle!
Deluxe Strangehollow Book Bundle
Cauldron Bundle
Cauldron Bundle
$30.00 $42.00
Secrets Of Strangehollow
Seas Of Strangehollow
Mini Book Of Monsters
Mini Book Of Monsters 2

A Heavy Dose Of Whimsy

Despite a love of romantic and dramatic fantasy themes, my sense of humour will often sneak its way in. My mini monster series is where I completely unleash my silly streak.

Painting these creatures puts a permanent smile on my face and I'll often audibly laugh as they come to life on the page.

The Art Blog

Here you'll find all sorts of posts about my favourite tools, brushes, pigments to how I run a Kickstarter, to my thoughts on my journey as an artist and how I got where I am today.

Hand Made By Me

Since the lightning fast adoption of AI generation machines which are flooding our world I feel it necessary to highlight that I do not use these machines. (AI generation tools are scraped without permission from real art and photographs online).

I do use digital tools to draw occasionally (as I would sketch on paper), but the whole process is my own, with my own hand and I have no desire to let a machine make my artistic decisions. I have worked my whole life to develop my skills and will continue to do so.

Proudly human made.

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