Shipping & Delivery

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via my contact form before purchasing.

 Q. How long will it take you to package and ship my order?

I am a one person business so occasionally these things will take time. Please be patient, I am not Amazon :)

Open prints and mugs/bottles etc will be shipped within a couple of days as this is via a drop shipping company I use. Books and Originals will be coming from me and I ship every Monday. If you need it to be rushed then please get in touch before making the order. 

 Q. How often do you ship?


Currently I only visit the post office once a week, usually a Monday. 


Q. How long does international shipping take?

How long is a piece of string? Just kidding... well, this varies hugely depending on the time of year and whether the stars are aligned. Sometimes it can be within a week, other times it can take up to two months (but the latter is fairly unusual). Once I have shipped the item I no longer have control over the speed it gets to you. 


Q: How do you ship your prints?

A: All prints A4 size and smaller are shipped flat using a rigid recycled cardboard mailer. All A3 prints are rolled (very loosely) and shipped in a triangular tube. This makes it far less likely for them to be damaged in transit. Be very careful when handling prints, make sure to have clean hands and unroll gently. The paper will relax overnight, or you can take it straight to the framer in the tube and once framed it will be all flat and happy! 


Q: How do you ship original art?

A: All originals are packaged in either compostable bags, glassine paper or tissue paper and sandwiched between several layers of card which is then reinforced if necessary (depending on size) on the outside. Smaller originals will be sent in a shallow box mailer, reinforced with card if necessary. 


Q: Are you able to take returns?

A: Unfortunately I am not able to at this time, all open prints are drop shipped from the company I use, however if you have an issue with a print do let me know and I can contact them and they will usually rectify any issues very promptly.

I do not take returns on original artwork or books. 

If your item arrives damaged or something is missing from your shipment please contact me as soon as possible so I can help resolve the issue.