The Choicest Of Weapons - Unframed Watercolour Painting

1,400.00 GBP

The Choicest Of Weapons (Framed Image is an example, this is NOT framed).

"Lo! Among the war-gear there he beheld a sword endowed with charms of victory, a blade gigantic, old, with edges stern, the pride of men of arms: the choicest of weapons that, albeit greater than any other man might have borne unto the play of war, a good and costly thing, the work of giants" - J.R.R. Tolkien's translation

Beowulf is one of my favourite stories and I am always itching to depict his battles and escapades! This scene always captured me because at this point, Beowulf thinks he is beaten as he's already used a precious heirloom sword named 'Hrunting' to fight Grendel's mother but it has failed him miserably. He then spots a massive and ancient sword in the hoard of the hag and an ordinary man could not have lifted it, since it was made by giants, but Beowulf was essentially super-human so he used it to lop off the beasts head!


Matted/Mounted with acid free mount board.

Size with mount: 11.8" x 16.5"

Size of actual painting: 7.1" x 11.6" 

Watercolour on 600gsm Hahnemuhle Leonardo cold press paper